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Financial Advisors' Information

Welcome to this special resource for financial advisors who are guiding clients in carrying out their charitable dreams for West Virginia University. Clients have many choices, and your guidance will be invaluable to them.

We are pleased to assist you.

To support WVU’s colleges and schools, the Mountaineer Athletic Club, WVU Institute of Technology, Potomac State College of WVU, or West Virginia 4-H, your client may:

  • choose to direct their gift for immediate use, or
  • decide to create an endowed fund:
    • Library acquisitions fund $10,000
    • Academic scholarship $25,000
    • General endowment fund $25,000
    • Athletic scholarship $50,000
    • Graduate student fellowship $50,000
    • Presidential scholarship $100,000
    • Academic or research program fund $100,000
    • Disciplinary or university professorship $500,000
    • Distinguished professorship $1,000,000
    • Chair $1,500,000

Other naming opportunities, for which consultation is required, are available. Individual college and school minimum levels may be higher for certain endowments.

Each endowment is separately accounted for and earns an annual amount to be spent as previously directed by the donor. The fund can be named for the donor or anyone the donor wishes to honor. Agreement templates are available for each type of fund.

You and your client can choose any of these gift methods as the pathways for either endowed or non-endowed support:

We have materials you may want to share with your clients. Please contact us for further information.

When the gift is complete, we hope that your client will agree to join the Irvin Stewart Society. We appreciate knowing about how they have decided to help and being able to thank them for their future support.

Thank you for your efforts to make sure that your client’s charitable dreams for WVU are carried out wisely and well.